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From the time that he first bought himself a small point-and-shoot camera at age fourteen, Didier Brûlé-Champagne has been nearly inseparable from his cameras. He trained his eye and built his style by taking photos of anything and everything, all the time, sometimes to the frustration of his friends and family. As his talent grew, so he upgraded to higher quality equipment and he continues to learn new things about all aspects of photography as much as he can.

Deciding to launch himself professionally into the world of photography in 2017, he started DBC Photographie as a way to brand himself. He is always trying to capture the beauty of the everyday and of the world around him, and aims to tell a story with every photograph and image series.

Didier is a proud Montreal native and can be found in his hometown when he is not busy traveling for the experience and photo opportunities. He doesn't always write about himself in the third person, but when he does, he's writing a bio on his website.


These photos are all amazing. Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of the festival!

for Performance photography

Thanks again so much for your work on these, I am so pleased with how they all turned out and the abundant options of great pics I have to choose from.

for Portrait photography

for Wedding photography

Wow je suis vraiment contente. Vous avez fait une vraiment belle job!  J’adore!!!!!!

Thank you so much Didier. The photos look fantastic! It's a real pleasure to work with you.

for Event photography

Didier is an excellent photographer! Highly recommend

for Portrait photography

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